A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


An Interactive Story

Myriel Schigiol | Katarzyna Kamieniew | Manuel Arabadzic | Roxana Rahmlow | Viktor von Schellwitz | Carola Brozio | Christopher Boeckh

Somewhere, in the dark depths of space, a mysterious construct travels past stars and planets. The cubic vessel carries thousand of people past worlds, picking up the occasionally worker onto its deck. Although why and what's its mission is, remains a secret...

You are Mawrey Moharion, a Technician, who became one of the crewmembers. Inside, he realises that this is not just some simple side-job and that the rules of life and death are being bended, inside the Kubus.

And to make things worse: A saboteur seems to be messing with the inner workings of the ship, jeopardizing the integrity of the self-contained system.

Movement: WASD

Menu: ESC

Interaction: Space

Project 4: Story& Art
Lecturer: Sebastian Stamm
SoSe: 2017


Kubus_BuildMac.zip 79 MB
Kubus_PCBuild.zip 76 MB

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