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You accompany the young Guardian Faeya through her home, the mysterious crystal forest.

Explore the secrets the mushrooms do not want to tell you. Find the clues to the horrors of the past and learn, what it means to be the Guardian of the Forest.

You will quickly learn that your world lives only by the energy of the crystals. Use this energy to influence your environment and find out the secrets about your own history.

Core Features:
Experience a fantastic, narrative story
Find yourself in a magical, crystal world
Speak to unique characters
Affect your environment with the crystal energy
Discover the secrets of your history


WASD - Movement

E - Interact with things

Q - Questlog

ESC - Menu

Space - continue text

Manuel Arabadzic

Katarzyna Kamieniew

Myriel Schigiol

Lecturer: Csongor Baranyai

WS 2016/2017


SC_ED_Original_Data.zip 194 MB

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