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“What belongs to reality and what is imagination?"

War. Loss. Grief. 

What happens in the mind of a young girl, confronted with her worse fears, in a world no one to trust?

Žalost is a first person walking simulator, where you slip in the role of a young girl named Jel. She was living happily in a small house with her mother until she vanished one day. Now Jel has to go on a journey to find her mother and experiences a fantastic world, where she can no longer tell apart reality from fantasy. Will she be able to find her mother, or loose herself beteween the pages of her storybook?

Key Features:

  • Mother-Child Relationship
  • Emotional Story
  • Beautiful 3D Low Poly Environment

The Team behind Žalost:

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Release Notes:

Release Version 1.2

This game was created at the Game Design // UE Department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Supervised by: Prof. Sebastian Stamm  "True Story"  (WinterSemester 2017/18)

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